A house by the sea, has become the reason for a call. A call for getting to know our country, immemorial as time itself, mythical like a fairytale, unadulterated, spontaneous, true.  A country that is well hidden behind the mask of mass tourism invasion, however omnipresent to the eyes of the traveler who’s seeking her timeless uniqueness.

We used to say once, among friends, that Greece is the Land. Greece is the endless mountain tops with the small valleys and the fishing villages in leeward coves.

Greece is the forests where wild mushrooms are growing and the lagoons where migratory birds are resting.  Greece is the grasslands where wild horses are galloping and steep vertical slopes where predatory birds are hanging into mid-air. This side of Greece has endless stories to tell like grandma’s fairytales told by the fireplace. It has pure tastes to offer like the cream cheese maturing in the sheepfold. This side of Greece sends forth her own smells like the tea-kettle where tea, which is harvested on the slopes of eternal mountains, is boiling.

This side of Greece is the Greece of the Universe, is the homeland of anyone who chooses to discover it.  Because, in the end, it is the land that creates the people. It is the same land that has created us. And even if we, its inhabitants, were uprooted for ever, this land is so powerful in itself that it would have created its new inhabitants exactly just like us.

Grecorama signifies the vision of a timeless, natural Greece.

With this vision in mind, we call our guests to try an alternative way of life, an authentic experience of getting in touch with the miracle of Greek nature and its people.

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