Grecorama signifies an endeavour to convey a way of life and a mode of contact with nature and the people living in it. The heart of this endeavour, and the man who envisaged it, is Neoklis Georgopoulos, Assistant Professor of Endocrinology of Reproduction at the University of Patras.

Neoklis Georgopoulos


His vision was adopted by a group of friends, which contributed, each in his own way, to the creation and the implementation of this project.

The house in Monodendri of Patras was built in 1989 by a couple of retired bank officers, Ageliki and Andreas Georgopoulos, who invested in this house the hard work and the dreams of their entire life.

Today the house is maintained by the second and third generations of the family, Neoklis Georgopoulos and his daughter, Ageliki, a student of Medicine at the University of Athens.


Vangelis Mavromatis

The person in charge of the house and the property as well as the point of contact is Vangelis Mavromatis. He is who supervised the renovation of the house and he who will endeavour to satisfy the guests’ requirements.


Voula Zoe

The cleanliness of the property and the overall supervision of the house are entrusted to Voula Zoe, a family friend.


Dimitris Papandropoulos

Dimitris Papandropoulos is responsible for ecological activities such as mushroom hunting, birdwatching and wetland visits.


Thodoros Kamberos

Thodoros Kamberos is responsible for horse- ridingThodoros is an economist and a childhood friend of the family, a rider and a horse-riding instructor. He maintains his own horses, stables and athletic equestrian facilities in Kamenitsa Achaias.


Katerina Kollyrou

Katerina Kollyrou, an active member of many climbing schools,   is in charge for the climbing excursions to the sheer slope, the Slab of Sykia in Giona Mountain, the Black Mountains in Kalogria Achaias and Alepochori in Erymanthos Mountain.

Katerina is a member of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing and has accumulated extensive experience as regards the most significant sheer slopes of Northern America and Europe.


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