Western Achaia is a region with distinct possibilities for those interested in riding. The mild climate is ideal for countryside riding throughout the year, in rural as well as in forest environment.

The area has many hills and farms, developed into a genuine Mediterranean environment where olive groves, orange groves and vineyards dominate the landscape. Cultivated areas are surrounded by suburban forests with undergrowth consisting mainly of bushes, holly and briars, among clumps of pines and cypresses. An intricate network of rural and provincial roads, many of them dirt roads, provide riders with the opportunity to avoid major arteries and enjoy short or long rides in a stunning natural environment.

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Strofilia forest

A special privilege of the region with respect to riding is the extensive Strofilia pine forest, one of the best equestrian fields of the country. Riding in Strofilia is a truly magical experience, as the forest runs parallel to the coast like a huge natural track where horses, because of the sandy soil, may develop small, medium or high speeds. The area, besides quiet horse walks, is an ideal coaching ground all through the year and has been selected to prepare horses for endurance riding events of the World Championships.  

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Equestrian facilities

In the area of Western Achaia operate a series of small or larger equestrian facilities, of both amateur and professional level.

Located 45 km from Patras, towards the direction of Strofilia is the Theme Park of "Ippokamilos" polycentre. This is a large facility with Equestrian Club, stall facilities and zoo, museum of folk art, two restaurants, swimming pools and tennis courts.


For equestrian activities there is a riding arena 70 x 110 meters, suitable for obstacles as well as flat work and capable of hosting major events.

More information for "Ippocamilos":

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Furthermore, a number of small horse farms operate in the area; they can host horses in their specially designed stables. There is also the possibility of cooperating with expert instructors (qualified trainers), for both beginners and highly experienced riders (show jumping, dressage, etc). The instructors are available to any interested party upon request.

By special understanding, it is also feasible to host visitors with their horses, with numerous options for several months’ hosting.

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Horse hosting

In the region of Western Achaia and only a short distance from the house in Monodendri Patras, one can find various equestrian facilities capable of satisfying any specific needs.  

The cardinal facility is the Equestrian Club of Achaia, situated in the region of Sagaiika, approximately 25 km from Patras. It has stables capable of accommodating about 10 horses and a big racing track 110 x 65 meters, with a full range of obstacles. It also boasts large pantox, while the area around it is suitable for long rides in the countryside.

We can recommend solutions for accommodation of horses and comprehensive training programs for all equestrian sports. We can also provide information on athletic preparation, local races, endurance riding routes, local festivals, horse shows, horse markets, etc.

Nonetheless, upon request, it is possible to accommodate horses in small neighbouring farms with all-inclusive facilities (arena, stables, pantox).

For more information

For any information regarding riding in the area as well as the possible solutions for accommodating your horse, you may contact Mr Theodore Kaberos, who is a riding  instructor (National Coaching School, FEI coach Level 2) residing permanently in the area, at

It is worth mentioning that loaded horse trailers can be very easily transferred aboard the ferries connecting Patras to Italy. Moreover, “Yannis Vasileiou” company carries out routes transferring horses in special trucks every week throughout the year, to and from all European countries.

Contact person:
Theodore Kaberos:
mobile: +30 697 446.2844,

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