In Greece, from early spring until late autumn, in fir, oak and mixed forests, a huge variety of wild mushrooms can be found, edible or not, their number exceeding 3,000 species.

At least seven separate categories of these species are edible, easily identifiable and of high culinary value.

Among them, Amanita caesarea, Boletus, Agaricus, Pleurotus, Macrolepiota, Cantharellus and Lactarius species are the most remarkable.


Foloi forest

Foloi forest is located at the southwest, bottom edges of Mount Erymanthos within Erymanthos and Penaeus river basins. It is one of the largest  forests of the Mediterranean.

It is included in Lasiona and Foloi municipalities and reaches the boundaries of those of Lampeia and Oleni. It covers an area of ​​42,000 (10,500) acres and is one of the few pure seedling forests in Europe, with rich flora and fauna.

Mushrooms of Foloi

La foresta di Folois é considerata un luogo ideale per la raccolta di funghi, soppratutto i funghi Boletus species.

Boletus spp

Amanita Caesarea


Giona, Vardoussia, Iti

The three mountains of Giona (altitude 2,512 meters), Vardoussia (2,495 meters) and Iti (2,152 meters), surround the Valley of Mornos. They are covered by dense pine forests and there also exists a wide variety of broadleaf trees such as plane, maple, plum and willow trees. At lower altitudes there are dense thickets of sclerophyllous species such as holly, holm oak, arbutus, oleander, etc. while at high altitudes there is a rich sub-alpine vegetation. Deciduous oaks are found at an altitude of about 800 meters.



Mushrooms Giona and Vardousia


Amanita Muscaria



Agaricus spp


Boletus spp (edible and non-edible)


Macrolepiota spp


Lactarius spp

Gyromitra spp

Lycoperdon spp


Strofilia forest, Kalogria, Achaia

Located approximately 45 kilometers from the center of Patras, is Strofilia Forest in Kalogria, Araxos. It is famous for its pine and oak trees and is one of the three best in the country. This special place is worth visiting for its natural beauty, as it is one of the few forests that are so close to the sea.

A narrow strip of freshwater sandwiched between the trees and the sea gives life in the forest. At one end are the Black Mountains, which because of the limestone rock filter the fresh water and lake "Prokopos", while at the other end one can find the lagoon "Kotychi" and the marsh "Lamia".





Strofilia forest is ideal for Lactarius and Macrolepiota species.


Seasonal distribution of wild mushrooms

Boletus spp: summer, autumn (particularly in September, October)

Amanita caesarea: autumn (particularly in October)

Agaricus spp: summer, autumn (particularly in October)

Lepiota spp: autumn (particularly in October)

Lactarius spp: autumn (particularly in November)

Cantharellus spp: autumn (particularly in November)

Morchella spp: spring

Pleurotus spp: spring, autumn, winter

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