Climbing in Giona

The climbing area of Plaka Sykias in Giona rises above the village Sykia Phocidas. This is one of the best fields of Europe as Plaka Sykias in Giona is the largest slope in Greece, but of all the Balkans as well.

It is a vertical rock 1,100 meters, starting from the top of the Pyramid of Giona (altitude 2,510 meters) and stretches for several kilometers with successive peaks, all of them over 2,300 meters .

It was first climbed in 1959 by the late G. Michaelides, a legend of mountain climbing.

In Giona there are 4 different areas for climbing:


The Pyramid


The Platyvouna


Plaka Sykias


The Tower of Giona


The fields Pyramid, Plaka Sykias and Platyvouna are considered Alpine, so the season for climbing is from May to October.

On these slopes winter climbing can also be done. For more information click here.

In the field Pyrgos (although it is new and does not yet have many routes), the seasons for climbing are Fall and Spring. Also some winter days, if the weather is good, as it is facing west and is exposed to the sun after 12:00 noon.

In this field you will find high level climbing routes, with very good quality rock.


Climbing in Achaia

In Achaia there are two major climbing spots: Black mountains in Kalogria and Alepohori, Erymanthos. Both are near the house in Monodendri, easily accessible by car, and are operating most days of the year and offer high climbing thrills.

Black mountains Kalogria

Kalogria is primarily a field which includes sports routes (sport climbing), but does not lack the traditional technical paths with two pitches.

It has more than 80 routes and their scores range from 5c-8b +. All routes are secured with bolts and permanent relay.

The rock is very good quality limestone, gray positive and sometimes white negative, while in some areas it has a lot of negation (cave).

The spread of routes range from 30 meters and reach up to 70 meters high (field "Strofilia”) . It has a very easy, educational climbing route 5-6a + in the field "School" and hard routes around 8a in the field "Panagia" (Virgin Mary).

The field is found on our right as we approach Kalogria from Araxos. The best time for climbing is from late October until March. After climbing, the perfect finish of the day would be in Alikes Achagias, dining in the tavern Vassilis Goumas.


Alepochori, Erymanthos

Alepochori is located in the prefecture of Achaia and is a small village at an altitude of 700 meters, in the western foothills of Mount Erymanthos.

The western climbing field is found before entering the village, on the left of river Tethrea. The field consists of quality limestone and many sport routes (sport climbing) and is characterized its intense the topography.

On the west side, stalactites created give a different and unique climbing style.

It is a climbing area for all levels of climbers, with difficulty ranging from 5c to 8a +. It has a total of 60 routes and all are secured with bolts and permanent relay.

In the "Cave", located on the road you will find high difficulty routes and unique movements.

The best climbing period is October, November, the beginning of December and April.

To reach the climbing field you should turn from the main road network in Patras -Tripolis to the intersection of the villages Kritharakia - Kiparissia and at the end you will meet Agios Dimitrios, just before you reach the village of Alepochori. Ideal closure for food is the cafe of Uncle Dinos.


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