Windsurf and Kitesurf in Drepano, Achaia

Cape Drepano, just 15 km from Patras, is a paradise for all those involved with windsurf and kitesurf. The sea surrounds a narrow band of land that penetrates like a wedge into the water with an impressive lighthouse on it and is filled with dozens of colourful sails and boats during winter or summer.

The area is easily accessible by car up to the coast, relieving from the burden of carrying the equipment.

The area of Drepano is characterized by winds of ideal intensity and direction, most days of the year, something that makes Drepano perhaps the best spot to kitesurf, windsurf and SUP.

It is noteworthy that it is possible to have a windless sea at a two kilometre’s distance from the Cape, while simultaneously at Cape Drepano winds blow with a 4 -5 Beaufort intensity. Thus, it is an ideal location both for beginners and experienced surfers.   

Over the last few years a school operates here, named No Work Active Generation Kiteschool (NWAG).

It is a team of trainers consisting of highly trained athletes, with love for the sport, respect for the student and transmissibility.

The school conducts its courses with maximum safety, proving students with all the necessary safety equipment (life jackets, helmets, etc) as well as boats for continuous monitoring.

No Work team, having the exclusive distribution of products manufactured by Slingshot, the leading company in the field, uses the most up to date equipment.


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In No Work Active Generation Kiteschool (NWAG) anyone can be trained properly and safely in any of the following sports.



Kitesurf is a widely known and rapidly growing sport that combines elements from wakeboard, surf and gymnastics in an extreme sport. Taking advantage of the power of the wind and with the proper equipment (kite, board, etc), the athlete can enjoy unique moments of tranquillity while training.



Windsurf is a sport that combines cruising and surf; to windsurf one needs a board and a rig (sail and peripherals, mast, boom, etc).


Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

SUP is a new sport, that only requires is a large board (longboard-surf) and a long one-sided oar as a driving force.


Kitesurf lessons


This is the easiest way to experience kitesurf. It includes explanation of the equipment, of basic sailing principles and weather conditions, familiarisation with security systems and trimming, as well as take-off and landing the kite in the field.

Cost: € 40

It includes a full series of courses, theoretical and practical, in and out of the sea, learning basic sailing principles (priorities, wind direction, etc), operation and handling of the kite, self-rescue techniques. Upon concluding the beginner course, the student is autonomous and trained to kitesurf safely.

Cost: € 300

Requires completion of the beginner course and the student learns more sophisticated and complex tricks in accordance with the instructions of experienced trainers. Includes tricks as backloop, spins, transitions, jumps, etc.

Cost: € 40 per hour

For athletes who want to improve their level in difficult tricks such as passes, handlepasses, megaloops, kiteloops, etc.

Cost: € 40 per hour

Windsurf lessons

This includes the first contact with the equipment and explanation of it. Familiarisation with the equipment assembly process. Learning basic sailing and weather condition recognition principles.

Cost: € 40

Full series of courses, theoretical and practical, which include learning basic principles of sailing, familiarisation with the equipment, self-rescue techniques, “setting” the windsurf and trimming the sail.

Cost: € 300

For athletes who wish to start learning tricks.

Cost: € 40 per hour


Stand Up Paddling (SUP) lessons

First contact with SUP and explanation of the equipment and proper technique.

Cost: € 40 per hour

SUP rental for recreation and fitness.

Cost: € 20 per hour


For more information

Leonidas Spiropoulos:
cell:  +30 6947 564 845

Orestis Zoumbos:
cell:  +30 6944 340 110

Giannis Kourkoulis:
cell:  +30 6945 935 253

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