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It is not enough to just observe the culture of a place. It is not enough to walk its way. One must also taste the land; feel its uniqueness in the use of traditional foodstuff carrying an experience of millennia. Taste is culture. Therefore, based on our own gusto, inasmuch as we have been constantly searching since a number of years the genuine tastes of Greece, the tastes of our own land, products and tastes which become more and more rare, we have arranged a cuisine that can travel our guests from the land’s mountain tops to its sea depths. And this is because a product manifests its place of origin and the talented skills of its producer. Therefore the mountains’ breath is present in the Greek tea; the valleys’ breath is present in the blackberries, the forests in the mushrooms and the sea breeze in the summer savory.

Consequently, the rental price includes a full breakfast with authentic local products while it is offered the possibility for our guests to cook for themselves with our own original produce at no extra charge. These products have been selected after careful tasting that reflects the knowledge of an entire life and come from named producers who are all personal friends of ours.


Nevertheless, it is precisely because of their authenticity that these products are not available all year round or in endless quantities. Thus, it should be known to our quests that depending on the season and the circumstances only relevant products will be available to them. 

The kitchen garden is seasonal and at our guests’ disposal. In the summer we grow tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and eggplants. In the winter we grow lettuce, young green onions, herbs and cabbage. 

The seeds are organic from traditional local varieties. They are the property of Panos Skoutas, an 80-year old farmer, and his wife, Sofia, who preserve them with care for at least three generations. In their property, located in Eglykada of Patras, they sow the seeds and grow the young plants.


Although in the house there will be always abundant foodstuff for cooking at no extra charge, traditional meals cooked by us can be offered at your request under special arrangement.

In addition meat can be ordered from our cooperating butcher’s shop under special arrangement. All meat is Greek with special preference to original Greek varieties of meat such as mountainous beef, black pork etc.

For the house in Monodendri meat can be ordered from: Vasilis Filopoulos, butcher, 270 Korinthou St., Patras. Telephone: +302610277550, +306936141529



Vangelis Mavromatis, the property manager, is the point of contact for the above orders.


Vangelis Mavromatis: mobile: 00306945525178, e-mail:

All dried legumes  (lentils, beans, large beans, chick peas etc), dairy products (various kinds of graviera cheese and kephalotyri cheese ), delicatessen, olives and  salted pilchards, come from our friend, Christos Mavroidis, wholesaler of food products, with a place of business at 4, Evmilou St., Patras. Telephone: +00306973665536.


Cuisine of the House in Monodendri

Fig jam, apricot jam, and wild blackberry jam 

Basil pesto, spearmint pesto, fennel-lemon pesto, tomato pesto

Pepper - Apricot Chutney

Tabasco pepper

Handmade mustard

Olive oil, vinegar

Kalamata olives, cracked olives

Pickled artichokes 

Sun-cured tomatoes

Greek mountain tea

Greek mountain sage


Wild oregano

Dried wild mushrooms

Sheep butter, goat butter

Cheese made either from ewes' milk or goat’s milk

Handmade pasta

Fresh free-range eggs

Salami Lefkadas

Goat stew meat

Pork steaks (coal grill),

Beef (casserole)

Homemade rusks


Greek legumes (beans, large beans, lentils, chick peas)

Dry salt cod

Seasonal fruits

Seasonal vegetables

White wine, rose wine, red wine, beers

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