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The Holy Monastery of Omblos is located 15 km from Patras, at an altitude of 750 meters. It celebrates the Virgin Mary on November 21st .

The Monastery was founded in 1315 by monk Joachim and the two monk disciples Ioasaf and Parthenius. In the area there was a chapel, next to which the monks built two cells and started the communal life of the monastery. In this small temple there was an icon of Virgin Mary which portrayed a very sweet face. The inhabitants of the mountainous region of Patras that were from Epeiros (Arvanites) called the mother of Jesus "Ompile " which means " Sweet Lady" .

From this word the monastery took its name (OMBILE - OMBLOS ).

In the year 1581 the abbot of the monastery Pachomius, managed with a document by the Patriarch Jeremiah B of Constantinople to recognize the monastery as Stavropegic . During the years 1601-1612 the present church was built, in the place of the old that existed before 1315. The surrounding buildings of the monastery were built in 1689 besides the north wing which was built in 1754.

In 1770, during the Turkish occupation and after a failed revolution of the Greeks, the Turks burned the monastery and the church in retaliation.

But the monks soon built the monastery again as it was before. The monastery helped a lot in the preparation of the 1821 revolution and for this the Turks burned it again in June 1821. It was a great disaster for the monastery, as it lost many historical relics, documents and pictures. After the fire the monks gathered all the valuables that had survived and fled to other monasteries in the Ionian Islands that were in the possession of the English. They returned to the monastery in 1828 when the first Greek state was created, and slowly - slowly began to rebuild the damaged cells and the church. Then (in 1865) they built a bell tower for the first time, as until then the Turks forbade the ringing of bells.

The third destruction of the monastery was by the Germans, this time in 1943 during the Second World War, which they burned a wing of the cells, where the Greek partisans were hiding.

On September 4th, 1821 outside the door of the monastery Omblos, struck
not by a bullet from the Turks but from a bullet of Greek patriots, the very popular fighter of 1821, captain Panagiotis Karatzas from Patras was killed.

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