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In Patras Castle, on the outer conch of the south wall, an in built  ancient marble statue can be seen . The statue is consisted of two different parts: the head represents a bearded man, probably Jupiter or Patrea , and the body is a male body of another statue.

In folk tradition the statue coincides with a ghost dragging chains on the cobbled Castle.

The writer Logaras from Patra matched it to a real fact of the 60 , and the director Theodoros Terzopoulos  staged it as a play with the title " The last mask ; Fallimento" in 2006 when  Patras was the European Capital of Culture .

“Ghost of the castle at night time comes out from its cave and is wandering amid the Castle's silence. Those who saw the ghost and swore, soldiers guarding their viewpoints, or convicts serving long sentences sleepless at the Castle’s sunless prisons.

They say that the ghost who comes out at midnight or later,  in a sky without stars, is not something bizarre nor strange, other than a beautiful girl
who wanders in the Castle airless and then climbs on the ramparts and is standing there, like listening to something "

Spiros Voulgaris

Theodoros Terzopoulos describes: "We turn back in the early 60s.
A beautiful girl from Souli with a face resembling to Brigitte Bardot
and such madness that if she had lived in the time of Zaloggo, she would have jumped with those who fell from the cliffs, falls in love with a sculptor from Patras, who is married with children. They spend some time together.
But suddenly the business of the sculptor start not doing very well, so he decides to turn his girlfriend to prostitution. He takes advantage of her regularly
and goes as far as to put her in a brothel. And all this in full knowledge of his family, who is turning a blind eye as money again begins to flow ... we are talking about the epitome of corruption.

But one day she starts to protest and starts claiming him. He denies her, curses her, beats her and finally leaves her. And so it's time of vengeance. The mistress goes to the school where his little daughter attends, and tells her supposedly to go for a walk. The little one is aware of her as the "auntie" who gives candies, and the woman takes her to the grove of the Upper Town, and there she chokes her. The young killer is arrested and beaten by the crowd, goes on trial and is finally imprisoned. And while the city is in a state of turmoil because of the murder, the Carnival begins. Some people make a wooden effigy of the girl and burn it instead of the Carnival King, on the last day of Carnival. Yes, they burn her, while she dies in prison.

Since then say her ghost is wandering the city, hurling curses against the people of Patras and seeking vindication."

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