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Characterized as a traditional settlement since 1978, Galaxidi has a noble beauty and a special atmosphere that travels you back in the past. Its port still carries the aura of the times when it was full of braccieras, schooners and lovers, moored in the port and women mended sails, in the specially equipped one-room living rooms on the first floor of the mansions of the area.

Galaxidi, the "evmorfokastrogyrismeno" (which means beautifully fortified by a castle) as described in the Chronicle of Galaxidi in 1703, is located on the north coast of the Corinthian Gulf, on the west side of the Gulf of Itea.

It is one of the few cities in Greece that has kept intact its traditional style. Witnesses of its glorious past are now the mansions, the temple of the Cathedral and the Maritime Museum, which give tangible evidence of the history and brilliant commercial activity of its residents for over two centuries.

During the years of sailing shipping, Galaxidi was famous for its great fleet, wealth and naval capacity of its inhabitants. The famous Galaxidi sailing boats, with their particularly shipbuilding features were trading and transporting goods in all ports of the Mediterranean Sea. The ship-owners from Galaxidi maintained naval operations with highly developed financial concepts, such as naval self- insurance systems, shipyards etc.

On the threshold of the 20th century, however, things changed dramatically. Steamships emerged and slowly forced on the side traditional boats. The countdown had already begun. The boats from Galaxidi fought stubbornly in an unequal struggle. The unrepentant captains from Galaxidi refused to surrender to the shooting of the times and to abandon their beloved companion, the sailing boat. But the sails, wood and passion of old sailors could not stand competition and the rapid development of steam shipping, led Galaxidi in decline.


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