Our guests can be involved in all special activities that are presented on our website with their own means of transport according to information provided by us. For each activity there is an expert who is responsible for the provision of reliable information or who can participate in the proposed activities under special arrangement.

Horse Riding:
Horse hosting, horse riding trips and excursions, equestrian sports. 
Theodoros Kamberos:
mobile: +30 697 446.2844,
e-mail: kaberos@pedde.gr

Wild mushroom hunting
Identification, photographing and collection of wild mushrooms.
Vangelis Mavromatis:
mobile: +30 694 552.5178,
e-mail: vangelismavro@gmail.com

Walking in nature, identification of plants, birdwatching, photographing and identification of birds. 
Dimitris Papandropoulos:
mobile: +30 695 566.2683,
email: d_papandropoulos@hotmail.com

Climbing and rock climbing lessons at the Slab of Sykia in Giona mountain, in the Black Mountains in Kalogria Achaias and Alepochori of Erymanthos mountain.
Katerina Kollyrou:
mobile: +30 694 461.7611,
office: +30 2610 310.654,
email: katerina.kollyrou@gmail.com

Drepano Achaias, equipment rental, classes. 
Leonidas Spyropoulos:
mobile: +30 694 756.4845,  
Orestis Zoumbos:
mobile:  +30 694 434.0110, 
Giannis Kourkoulis:
mobile: +30 694 593.5253

Paragliding (Hang Glider):
Paragliding flights in various areas of Achaia such as Omblos, Kalavryta, Santameri and Erymanthos.
Vasilis Mantzos:
mobile: +30 693 275.1232
email: basman_@otenet.gr

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