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The beach and the villages Roitika, Monodendri and Vrachneika

The Monodendri hill where the house is located dominates the beach which comprises the inlet of the Patras Gulf. The mild climate and the calm sea waters of the three continuous little coastal villages, Roitika, Monodendri and Vrachneika, became a magnet for the rich people of Patras of the late 19th century.

Since the area did not have a regular rail link with Patras, the bourgeoisie of Patras, Greek and foreign (English, French and Germans) raisin merchants transformed the tranquil hamlets with their little farming houses, gardens and orchards to a cosmopolitan summer resort. One can see, even today, the old villas of the wealthy raisin merchants of that time situated among the humble houses of the villages.

The beach of the three villages located at a distance smaller than one kilometre from the house although not idyllically dreamy it is still a decent, easily accessible escape for a  plunge in the clean waters of the Patras Gulf and for a meal at the small taverns by the sea.


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