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In the Middle Ages, Andravida was the capital of the principality of Achaia (Morea), the richest and most splendid city of Moria and home of the bishop Oleni. It was the home of the franc princes Andreville and nobles came here from Europe to practice their horse riding skills. From its glorious past, all that survives today is the Gothic part of the church of St. Sophia and two chapels.

The church of St. Sophia was built by Geoffrey, around 1230, and was the most magnificent church in Greece. According to our information, it was used not only to honor and worship God, but here was, were the prince and the barons met and took important decisions. Here was, were the coronation of the successors of the principality took place.

The church of St. Sophia belonged to the Dominican Brothers and here met the "High" or "big court" that the decisions were not only advisory, but also had a judicial character.

The Dominican monks, who built St. Sophia, were a monk order of preachers who took their name from their founder, St Dominic. Home of the order is the region of Toulouse, in southern France.

Dominican architecture is distinguished by a preference for the simplicity and rigor in the form of buildings and the buildings are characterized by humility and modesty. The monks had to follow certain restrictions on size, materials and form of temples. Their buildings had no outstanding decorations and size could not be very extensive.

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