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The new Archaeological Museum of Patras is housed in a modern style building in the North entrance of Patras.

The museum's permanent exhibition is divided into three major thematic sections, which occupy respectively the three halls of the museum:
the Hall of Private Life, the Hall of Necropolis and the Hall of Public Life.

First Section (Private Life)

In there, are presented objects from everyday life, tools, cosmetics and jewelry of the Mycenaean, Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman Greece and partially reconstructed Roman residences in physical size, from their original materials.

The jewel of the entire museum is the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the whole of Greece.

Second Section (Public Life)

Public Life is presented through beetles, statues, coins, vases, jewelry, pottery,
swords musical instruments and statues of gods, habits and activities
from the Mycenaean period to the Roman period. Furthermore, the mosaics reveal a rich city and an open society.
There are still, mosaics and decorative from houses and public buildings.

Third Section (Necropolis)

The section of the Necropolis is dedicated to tombs and objects discovered in Patras. The room includes three reconstructed tombs, two Mycenaean and a Roman, in real life size, with the skeletons and the offerings that have come to light.


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