Horse Riding

Western Achaia is an area with special features for those interested in horseback riding. Its mild climate is suitable for country riding all year round, in rural and forest environment.

The area has a number of hills and rural areas, which develop in a genuine Mediterranean environment, with a dominant landscape of olive groves, orange groves and vineyards that are cultivated throughout the area. The cultivated areas are surrounded by suburban forests with low vegetation mainly of skin, holly and cotton wool, between clusters of pines and cypresses.

A maze of rural and country roads, many of them dirt roads, give riders the opportunity to avoid long roads and enjoy short or long walks in an impressive, natural environment.

The Forest of Strofilia

A special equestrian privilege of the area is the extensive pine forest of Strofilia, one of the best equestrian fields in the country. Horseback riding in Strofilia is a truly magical experience, as the forest stretches along the coast like a huge natural track where horses, due to the sandy ground, can develop small, medium or even high speeds.

The field, in addition to quiet equestrian walks, is an ideal training area all year round and has been selected for the preparation of endurance road horses preparing for the World Championship.

Equestrian Facilities

In the area of Western Achaia there are a number of small or larger equestrian facilities, both amateur and professional.

At a distance of 45 km from Patras, in the direction of Strofilia is the Theme Park of the Multicenter "Hippocampus". . For equestrian activities there is a 70 x 110 meter equestrian track, suitable for obstacles and flat work and capable of organizing large races.


There are also a number of small horse farms in the area, with the possibility of hosting horses in specially designed stables. Co-operates with the possibility of working with qualified trainers (qualified trainers) for both novice riders and riders of high requirements (show jumping, dressage, etc) who are available to anyone interested, after consultation.

By special arrangement, there is the possibility of hosting visitors with their horses, with a number of alternative proposals for multi-month hosting.

Horse Hospitality

In the area of Western Achaia and at a very short distance from the house in Monodendri, Patras, there are various equestrian facilities capable of satisfying every specialized need.

The dominant facility is the Equestrian Club of Achaia, located in the Sagaika area, about 25 kilometers from Patras. The Equestrian Club has a stable that can accommodate about 10 horses and a large racetrack measuring 110 x 65 meters, with a full range of obstacles. It also has large pandoxes, while the area around it is suitable for long walks in the countryside. 

We can suggest solutions for horse accommodation, but also for comprehensive training programs for all equestrian sports. Also, information on sports training, local races, equestrian routes, local festivals, equestrian fairs, horse markets, etc.

However, by arrangement, it is possible to host the horses in small neighboring farms that have integrated facilities (track, stables, pantox)

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