Paragliding started in Patras in the early 1990s. Since then, Patras has been one of the busiest paragliding areas in Greece.


The nearest and most easily accessible paragliding take-off is Omplos, a small mountain 800 meters, in the southeastern suburbs of Patras. The approach is made from the classic winery Achaia Klaus, in the direction of the Oblo Monastery. The take-off of Oblo is at 720 meters with orientation west, capacity greater than two streams and with a safe slope (2: 1).

The landing is at the foot of the mountain, it is spacious, but it needs some attention due to the slight slope and topography, which sometimes contribute to the presence of an upward layer of air.

Erymanthos take-offs

The three take-offs of Erymanthos are located at the North end, the Middle and the South end of its area. The characteristics of Erymanthos are those of the typical + 2,000 meters of mountains. It is a place quite safe, with a large plain in front of the mountain and several landings in the adjacent plain. The base is often low, especially in Spring and Autumn, due to its proximity to the sea. In the summer months, however, the base rises significantly.


Santomeri is a village located about 40 kilometers southwest of Patras, at the western foot of Mount Skolis at an altitude of about 1,000 meters. The mountain is oriented from north to south and extends for about 10 km. And here there are safe landings in the adjacent plain west of the village. The sea breeze usually dominates here as well, ensuring flights with relative ease along the mountain and limiting the development of thermal currents above the peak. On days of good instability, high altitudes are possible as well as opportunities for long distances from Santomeri.

Kalavrita Velia

Velia is a mountain 1,500 meters high (with several mobile telephony antennas), east of the city of Kalavrita. The conditions of the area can be characterized as alpine, given the high mountains in the wider area. Considering the fact that the area is located in the center of a peninsula, it is affected by sea breezes from almost all parts of the horizon, depending on the instability of the atmosphere, the season, the inversions, the direction and the intensity of the general wind. , etc. And points of remarkable convergence are not at all rare in the area.

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