Cape Drepano, at a distance of 15 km from Patras, is the paradise of all those who deal with windsurfing and kitesurfing. The sea area around the narrow strip of land, which penetrates like a wedge into the sea and the impressive lighthouse on it, is filled in winter and summer by dozens of colorful sails and boats.

Windsurf And Kitesurf In Drepano, Achaia

The area is easily accessible by car to the shore, which relieves the tedious carrying of equipment.

The area of Drepano is characterized by winds of ideal intensity and direction, most days of the year, which makes Drepano perhaps the best spot for kitesurfwindsurf and SUP.

It is curious that while at a distance of two kilometers from the cape apnea can prevail, in Drepano there can be a wind of 4-5 Beaufort. Thus, it is an ideal location, for both experienced and beginners.

In recent years a school has been operating here, the No Work Active Generation Kiteschool (NWAG)

It is a team of trainers consisting of well-trained athletes, with love for the sport, respect for the student and contagion.

The school carries out the courses with maximum safety, providing students with all the necessary safety equipment (life jackets, helmets, etc.), as well as boats for continuous monitoring.

His team No Work having the exclusive disposal of its products slingshot, the leading company in the field, uses the latest technology equipment.


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