Wild mushrooms

In Greece, from the beginning of Spring until the end of Autumn, in a fir forest, oak forest and mixed forests, there is a huge variety of wild edible and non-edible mushrooms, the number of which exceeds 3,000 species.

Foloi Forest

The forest of Foloi is located at the southwestern, lower ends of Mount Erymanthos, in the catchment areas of the rivers Erymanthos and Pinios. It is one of the largest oak forests in the Mediterranean.

It falls administratively in the Municipalities of Lasionos and Foloi and in the borders of the Municipalities of Lampeia and Oleni. It covers an area of 42,000 acres and is one of the few purely seeded forests in Europe, with rich flora and fauna.

Giona, Vardousia, Oiti

The three mountains of Giona (altitude 2,512 meters), Vardousia (2,495 meters) and Oiti (2,152 meters), surround the valley of Mornos. They are covered by dense fir forests, while there is a wide variety of broadleaves such as plane trees, maples, prunes, willows, etc. At lower altitudes there are dense shrubs of hardwood species such as holly, aria, arbutus, oleander, etc., while at higher altitudes there is rich subalpine vegetation. Deciduous oaks are found at an altitude of about 800 meters.

Strofilia Forest, Kalogria, Achaia

At a distance of about 45 kilometers from the center of Patras, is the Forest of Strofilia, in Kalogria, Araxos. It is famous for its pine cones, pines and oaks and is one of them 3 best of Greece. This special place is worth visiting for its natural beauty, as it is one of the few forests that are so close to the sea.

A narrow strip of fresh water is inserted between the trees and the sea and gives life to the forest. At one end are the Black Mountains, which due to the limestone rock filter the fresh water and the lake "Prokopos", while at the other end you can find the lagoon "Kotychi" and the swamp "Lamia".

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